Dodge TRX LTR Long Travel Kit

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When RAM Trucks reached out to us to build them a TRX for the SEMA show in 2021, they had one requirement: build the most badass, race-inspired TRX in the world. One of the biggest advantages RW had was that RAM Trucks provided all of the CAD data for the TRX platform. These trucks are very advanced vehicles, and it's nearly impossible to build a product as good as ours without CAD data for the truck. Not scans, not parts of it—the entire truck, the same files RAM uses to produce the truck.

We started with the front suspension. Our "LTR'' line of components (long-travel race) are the premier components in our lineup. Every detail that you'd see in our trophy truck, you'll find crammed into the wheel wells of your TRX. 4130 TIG-welded, high-clearance lower control arms, billet/sheet metal uniball uprights, 4130 plate or billet race-grade upper control arms, a weld-on shock tower, and huge King shocks with every option. You'll also come to notice a few features you don't see everywhere else. A fully adjustable, splined 300M front sway bar, from-scratch improved geometry, and proper suspension proportions designed around the 40-inch tire.

While most companies are providing longer arms and fabricated components, very few of them are designed from scratch with all of the vehicle dynamics in mind. While almost anyone can make these trucks go through the bumps smoothly off-road, a very small number of them have good street manners. With our vast understanding of vehicle dynamics, like roll center, kingpin inclination, scrub radius, anti-dive, springs rates, wheel rate, and shock tuning, our trucks handle like sports cars on the road, period. Tight, nimble, agile, and reliable, while these trucks are monsters in the desert. You will not find a truck that drives better on the roads at any speed than an RW-equipped truck.


  • 3.00 inches over stock per side
  • 1.00 inch of forward firewall clearance
  • 39.00–40.00 tires fit
  • 16.00 inches of real, reliable wheel travel
  • 96.00 inches of track width (kit uses 4.50 x 18.00 offset wheel)
  • RW Hi-Clearance 4130 lower control arms
  • RW Billet/Sheetmetal 4130 fabricated uprights
  • RW Sheetmetal or Billet upper control arm
  • RW 4130 sway bar arms
  • King Shocks RW Spec 3.00 Race Series coilover (not included)
  • King Shocks RW Spec 4.00 Race Series 4-tube bypass (not included)
  • 300M RCV axles and CVs
  • 300M Fully Tune-able Trophy Truck sway bar
  • 7075 Billet tie rod, 4340 hardened clevis
  • Simple weld-on shock tower
  • Slot delete kit/overlay plates
  • Grade 8 hardware standard (RPI 12-point upgrade available)
  • FK JMX rod ends/WSSX series 1.00 and 1.50 uniballs
  • 17-4 stainless spacers
  • Delrin bushings
  • Dual limit straps