About Robby Woods

Robby Woods is an American Off-Road racer and builder. Two things run deep in RWs history, building fast cars, and racing them. In 1974, fresh out of high school, RW’s father Bobby Woods went to the Race Car Engineering Institute of California, and went on to race Nascar with legends like Dale Earnhardt in cars he and his brother built in a two car garage behind Robby's childhood home. Towing business by day, Nascar by night. A true blue collar family chasing a dream of speed and success.

Robby grew up in this environment, watching his dad work like a dog by day, his mom answering the phones and taking care of the household, and Bobby and his brother Homer “Buzz”  Woods building 200 mph cars  into the late nights…. This was life, it was normal. Every two to three months RW’s dad would load up the car and head east. Daytona and Talledega with the greats….win, lose or draw putting literally everything the family had on the line.

1993 - The risk of losing your life was too high and with minimal regulation in real stock cars going over 200 mph every weekend fatal wrecks were just part of the deal. Ultimately, Bobby Woods decided to hang up his helmet, and a few years later Robby Woods would pick his own up. At 8 years old the two would travel the same country keeping the same traditions alive. Chasing a national motocross circuit from one end to the other. California, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Florida, Tennessee and back home to Nevada. Towing cars, building race bikes, chasing championships. Robby won a lot of motos, but he also took a lot of chances and suffered many injuries. Robby always raced with a sense of urgency. Right now, all or nothing, checkers or wreckers.

2006 - Robby, training for the upcoming supercross season, had his wake up call crash. RW crashed in Sandy Valley Nevada, a track in the middle of nowhere, nearly a worst case scenario. Raining hard, 30-40 mile an hour winds, and flat out storming. Robby crashed over a high speed jump in the mud and compound fractured his tibia and fibula 6 inches above the ankle. This ripped the lower half of his leg off and he began bleeding profusely. Consequently from the storm, the responding ambulance was stuck in the mud. Robby screamed at the crew to “Grab the f*cking tractor” to pull it out while he sat there conscious, calm, and bleeding out. The life flight helicopter would arrive 35 minutes later and in those 35 minutes Robby knew that this was his last ride…on a bike.

2007- After a long recovery and 11 surgeries later,  Robby was back in the shop pursuing a constant passion. Building prerunner trucks and Off-Road race trucks, but he had a trophy truck dream, with a ford ranger budget. Robby and some friends went to Primm Nevada, still on crutches, to watch “Short Course Off Road” which was the current day Mickey Thompson “Stadium Trucks”. That day another big decision was made for Robby Woods. This was Motocross for trucks, both of Robby's worlds mixed into one sport and Robby made up his mind to pursue Off-Road racing or nothing.

2008 - Robby and friends began to scrap steel from the family junkyard. Dragging in tractors, engines, cars, and anything else made of steel. These were then torn apart, crushed, and sold to build his first short course truck. Shortly after, A race hauler carrying  a homemade race truck built by Robby Woods was on the road to its first race.

2009-2015 - Robby Woods built a name for himself as a top contender in America's premiere short course race series. Like the 2 generations before him, building exceptional race trucks in his shop, with money he earned the hard way. Lining up with legends once a month and getting the job done. Robby earned himself a reputation that precedes him, “Mr. Excitement”.  Racing every month  with that same hungry junkyard dog mentality and treating every race like it was his last shot. Robby accrued over 25 podium finishes and a highlight reel of spectacular passes, crashes, and races.  All or nothing every single time.

Current Day - Robby Woods and his team have built a world class 26,000 Sq Ft Off-Road truck facility. Robby has built a reputation as one of Off-Roads premiere truck builders. The same technology that goes into RW championship winning trucks for Johny Greaves are engineered and precisely crafted into all the components Robby and team build for a variety of off road vehicles. RW Off-Road is a unique company as they build components for many different aspects of the vehicle ranging from trophy trucks to Ford Raptors. RW builds everything from the chassis, suspension, carbon fiber bodywork, drivetrain, to the front and rear bumpers. Robby Woods Off-Road proudly builds the whole thing to an unmatched standard.